• Bitcoin Price: BTC/USD 8510.06
Pre Sale Discount! Pre selling Ends in:

Over 300,000,000 GH will be sold for only 0.00000100 ฿ per 1 GH during Pre sale.

Save morethan 1900% during the Bitcoin Cloud Mining (SHA-256) presale compare to our Standard Rates Using the coupon LAUNCH300

4,455,337 GH
- 20x Cheaper! Limited Stocks!
0.00000100฿/GH (0.01$)
Pre Selling Ends
- Normal Price 0.00001750฿/GH (0.12$)
Ethereum Presale Pre selling Starts in:

Over 5,000,000 MH will be sold for only 0.4$ per 1 MH during Pre sale.

Save morethan 1900% during the Ethereum Cloud Mining (ETHASH) presale compare to our Standard Rates Using the coupon ETHASH2M

payment methods

how cloud based mine bitcoinHow it works?

Just 4 simple steps and you will be mining bitcoins with Hashmonster, without the need of expensive hardware.

purchage giga hash Purchase
Cloud-Based GHS
bitcoin cloud mining start Bitcoin Mining Start
Right After Purchase
buy more hashpower to earn more bitcoin The more GH/s the more
Bitcoins they generate
withdraw bitcoins from hashmonster Withdraw your mined Bitcoins
from account without fees.

why choose hashmonsterWhy Choose Us?

stable bitcoin earning

Hashmonster will give you Stable Earnings Daily Unlike our competition who gives unstable earnings.

Bitcoin cloud mining

Hashpower Automatically added right after your first Deposit, Just sit back and Withdraw Anytime!

automatic bitcoin withdraw

Automatic Bitcoin Withdrawals and Processed instantly, you dont have to wait for days to get your earnings!.

hashmonster team

We are doing Crypto Mining Since 2013,Hashmonster Team are Experienced and all Staffs are well Trained.

Let's work together!

Join Hashmonster - One of the most ambitious Cloud mining company.

sweden based bitcoin cloud mining

Lulea, Sweden is ideal in terms of low-cost electricity and supply stability as well as its Northern climate that keeps equipment cool.

low cost quality bitcoin (SHA-256) Rigs

High Quality Efficient low-cost hardware and optimized propietary management hardware guarantees excellent scalability.

bitcoin cloud mining using green energy

Hashmonster is backed by Green Energy enabling us to pay just 2 cents per kWh increasing our efficiency and delivering more profits to our investors.

bitcoin cloud mining long term profit

40 percent of net income will be reinvested into new equipment to keep Hashmonster as profitable as possible for Long Term.

bitcoin cloud calculatorBitcoin Cloud Mining Calculator

Your bitcoin profits:
profits per 3 years::
deposit bitcoin for cloud based hashpowerBuy Hashpower
0.000015 = 1500 GH/s
This Total Giga hash pricing are limited to event pricing,sale,coupon and many more, the real value of our per Giga Hash are 0.00001824.
1 GH = 0.00000100 BTC
1 year
2 year
3 year
Without Coupon
With Coupon
* This bitcoin profit projection is based on Hashmonster Events, Sale and Coupons, historical market and network difficulty data, . Actual results are dependent on the market and may vary.

Hashmonster Road MapHashmonster Road Map

Hashmonster Road Map

bitcoin miners planIn Depth Plan

Ongoing Summary: Over 300,000,000 GH will be for pre sale for Bitcoin (SHA-256) starting April 7, 2018 and the price per 1 GH is 0.00000100 BTC, After the Pre sale of Hashmonster, the Initial price will be 0.00001850 Bitcoins per GH.

Hashmonster Foundation Building (Secure lowcost hardware,energy).
First alpha release of our bitcoin platform.
January 15
Partnership with Private Investors
Overall Security Update
March 1 - March 5
5 Days
Final Testing of System.
March 5 - March 20
15 Days
Launch of Cloud Mining Platform.
March 21
Bitcoin Cloud Mining Pre-sale
Apr 7 - Apr 21
14 Days

Hashmonster support
  • +46 (0)920-140 79
  • +46 (0)920-24 47 71
Hashmonster Office
  • Storgatan 24, SE-972 32 Luleå, Sweden
Hashmonster office hours
  • Mon - Sat : 8:00 Am - 7:30 Pm
  • Sunday : Closed